• “Women and the Guards” documentary
    “Women and the Guards” documentary
  • Gonzales Short Film
    Gonzales Short Film
  • “Raganu Mēness” documentary
    “Raganu Mēness” documentary
  • Custody Court, social ad
    Custody Court, social ad
  • Vulkans, short film.
    Vulkans, short film.
  • Momentshot, TV Show leader
    Momentshot, TV Show leader
  • Aldaris Light Beer Ad
    Aldaris Light Beer Ad
  • Mushroomers feature film ( “Seņotāji” )
    Mushroomers feature film ( “Seņotāji” )
  • Kaspersky Website
    Kaspersky Website
  • Ports 1961 Fashion
    Ports 1961 Fashion
  • Bite “Vaveres”
    Bite “Vaveres”