MAXIBUMS from Evgeny Kobzev on Vimeo.

This ad was shot for Latvian supermarket network Maxima, in may 2011. The main goal was to advertise seasonal sales of non-food products. dir. Evgeny Kobzev, D.O.P. Alexander Grebnev, Producer Inese Stade.

  • LDZ , TVC sound mix.
    LDZ , TVC sound mix.
  • Maxima Lieldienas Ad
    Maxima Lieldienas Ad
  • BITE, TVC sound design.
    BITE, TVC sound design.
  • Maxima Meistro Kokybe
    Maxima Meistro Kokybe
  • Bite “Vaveres”
    Bite “Vaveres”
  • Tukums City Ad
    Tukums City Ad
  • Ports 1961 Fashion
    Ports 1961 Fashion
  • Maxima Delimano Dishes Ad
    Maxima Delimano Dishes Ad
  • йо Смарт Life :)
    йо Смарт Life :)
  • Momentshot, TV Show leader
    Momentshot, TV Show leader
  • Maxima Towels Ad
    Maxima Towels Ad
  • йо Life roaming
    йо Life roaming
  • Dr.Oetker, TVC Adaptation.
    Dr.Oetker, TVC Adaptation.
  • Political Ad
    Political Ad
  • Stella Magazine Ad
    Stella Magazine Ad
  • OPEL ASTRA TVC Adaptation
    OPEL ASTRA TVC Adaptation
  • UpSent – Naked
    UpSent – Naked
  • Laima Knitting Ad (Hat)
    Laima Knitting Ad (Hat)
  • Ports 1961 Spring Summer Collection
    Ports 1961 Spring Summer Collection