Tukums City Ad. from Evgeny Kobzev on Vimeo.

This clip was made for Tukums City Municipality, to promote touristic and sightseeing activities and bicycle routes in Tukums City. Freshstep Productions, Dir. Jevgenijs Kobzevs, D.O.P. Karlis Jaunzems.

  • Maxima Meistara Marka- Maize
    Maxima Meistara Marka- Maize
  • Laima Knitting Ad (Socks)
    Laima Knitting Ad (Socks)
  • UpSent – Naked
    UpSent – Naked
  • Hercogs Flour Ad
    Hercogs Flour Ad
  • Maxima Meistro Kokybe
    Maxima Meistro Kokybe
  • Maxima Delimano Dishes Ad
    Maxima Delimano Dishes Ad
  • Tukums City Ad
    Tukums City Ad
  • Maxima Meistara Marka Konditoreja
    Maxima Meistara Marka Konditoreja
  • Political Ad
    Political Ad
  • Maxima Lieldienas Ad
    Maxima Lieldienas Ad
  • TVC Tukums Ad
    TVC Tukums Ad
  • Laima Knitting Ad (Hat)
    Laima Knitting Ad (Hat)
  • Stella Magazine Ad
    Stella Magazine Ad