TVC TUKUMS 90sec. from Evgeny Kobzev on Vimeo.

This is 90 seconds WEB version of a clip shot for Tukums City Municipality, to promote touristic and sightseeing activities and bicycle routes in Tukums City. Freshstep Productions, Director Jevgenijs Kobzevs, D.O.P. Karlis Jaunzems.

  • Maxima Meistro Kokybe
    Maxima Meistro Kokybe
  • Maxima Delimano Dishes Ad
    Maxima Delimano Dishes Ad
  • Maxima Meistara Marka Konditoreja
    Maxima Meistara Marka Konditoreja
  • Laima Knitting Ad (Socks)
    Laima Knitting Ad (Socks)
  • Stella Magazine Ad
    Stella Magazine Ad
  • TVC Tukums Ad
    TVC Tukums Ad
  • Hercogs Flour Ad
    Hercogs Flour Ad
  • Laima Knitting Ad (Hat)
    Laima Knitting Ad (Hat)
  • UpSent – Naked
    UpSent – Naked
  • Maxima Lieldienas Ad
    Maxima Lieldienas Ad
  • Maxima Meistara Marka- Maize
    Maxima Meistara Marka- Maize
  • Political Ad
    Political Ad
  • Tukums City Ad
    Tukums City Ad